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Frequently Asked Questions

What Sets The Attic Apart

At The Attic, we believe in every child’s inherent ability to learn, grow, and change. We strive to meet each child where they are at and to create an environment where children ‘learn how to learn’ in community. Rather than viewing children as vessels to pour content into and have them tell it back to us, we view the purpose of learning to be discovery, knowing how to get and discern information, and knowing what questions to ask to lead to answers. We also emphasize social emotional learning and conflict resolution skills. This whole child approach makes Attic learners self-directed, authentic, confident, and empathetic people who are ready to go into the world independently.

The Attic’s pedagogy is constructivist based and child-led. We allow children to move through our program at the pace that is right for them, and do not have a pre-determined “path” for each child. There are some overlaps with Montessori and Waldorf: multiage classes (in Montessori), a whole child approach that centers individual growth and development, and a focus on working with materials. We don’t use rewards or punishments (including grades).

Constructivist learning is a pedagogy that believes that children learn best when they construct certain knowledge themselves rather than being told. Our teachers provide the scaffolding and support to facilitate this process of learning and discovery. Our classrooms are active, collaborative, and encourage risk taking and mistake making as a vital part of the learning process. For more resources on constructivism, please refer to the Recommended Reading section of our website.

We value diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging work and are working torwards becoming an antiracist organization. We incorporate this work throughout our program. Our goal is that our DEIB work does not live with one person, but rather with every member of our team. We work with outside professionals to guide our work, and appreciate any and all feedback around how we can continue to grow and improve in this area.

Our Program

NWAIS (Northwest Associations of Independent Schools) and PSIS (Puget Sound Independent Schools)

The Attic is not accredited because we meet four days a week. This is an intentional choice; we know that learning does not happen just in the classroom, and we value learners having time to pursue their interests (or just rest). All our learners are considered homeschoolers. The Attic is not a licensed childcare facility.

Our learners are considered homeschoolers because we only meet four days a week and do not meet the “seat hours” needed to be accredited. This is an intentional choice, and there are many advantages to being a homeschooler including flexibility to choose an educational path that works for each child.

Beginning in 2024-25 we meet Mondays – Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. from late September until early June. We also offer optional programming on Fridays during the academic year.

That depends on your child and family! We offer a full academic program, and each family can choose whether to supplement that at home. Our high schoolers may need to take some classes outside of The Attic to fulfill Washington State High School graduation requirements.

Homework varies by age and class, and is always done to supplement in class learning, not as “busy work.” Attic learners are co-collaborators on homework and work with each teacher to determine what makes sense.

Our K-10th Grade learners are full time (Monday – Thursday, with an optional Friday). Juniors and Seniors have the option to attend part-time.

We do not have an after school program, but we do offer an optional Friday program as well as summer camps. Our offerings vary by year and are based on teacher and family interest.

Our electives vary based on learner and teacher interest. Previous offerings have included Theater, Robotics, Strategy Board Games, Cosmetology, Sewing, Maker Space, and Stand Up Comedy. Our younger learners have a weekly art workshop which has different offerings each week, and we offer optional programs on Friday.

We offer world languages based on learner interest and staffing. 

We offer many outdoor play options, and from time to time offer physical education electives. We do not currently offer organized sports, but our learners can participate in athletics through their local public school.

Your Child's Individual Needs/Accommodations

We celebrate neurodiversity at The Attic, and are able to accommodate a variety of different learning needs. We do not offer on-site therapies or specialists, and cannot offer one-on-one support. However, our four day a week schedule allows for time to receive needed outside support and we have a list of referrals we can share. Your parent interview is a great opportunity to discuss accommodations and see what is possible!

We do allow 1:1 aides under certain circumstances determined on a case-by-case basis.

We are not a nut free school, but are nut free by class depending on learner allergies and needs.

Preparing Your Child For Their Future: The Attic and Beyond!

Yes. Running Start is done through your local school district, and our College Counselor can help your child integrate Running Start with their Attic classes.

Yes, they are prepared for the content on the SATs. We encourage our learners to take an SAT preparation class and/or to take practice SAT tests to get used to testing in a timed environment. We do not offer the SATs on campus, but learners can take the SATs at their home public high school. We have a college counselor who can advise your learner on what testing may be needed for college admissions.

They do! Our goal is to keep the college door open for all our learners, and we require our learners who wish to graduate from The Attic to take the same credits that Washington state requires for graduation. As homeschoolers, credit is determined by the parents, and there are many ways to earn credit to fulfill those requirements. Our college counselor is here to support you in determining credits and ensuring your child is college ready if that is the path they choose.

Yes! In fact, our learners are often more prepared for college and university than most high school students because they are used to advocating for themselves and being responsible for their own learning. We often get calls from college professors asking what we do here that supports such incredible learners.

Click here to learn more about our graduates. 

This can vary from year to year, and we encourage our learners to choose the post-high school path that makes the most sense for them. Most of our graduates go to college, though some choose to do so 1 year or longer after graduation.

Getting Started: Admissions & Enrollment

  • Attend a Tour and/or Open House
  • Submit an Application 
  • All parents/caregivers attend a Parent Interview
  • Student Visit
  • Math Assessment (children 8 and up)
  • Click HERE to be directed to our Admissions page for more information

Acceptance is based on many factors. Available space, the match of your family with The Attic philosophy & core beliefs, our ability to meet your expectations and your child’s needs, and the ability of your child/family to help us build and meet the needs of our existing community. Your application, references, and Parent Interview assist us in determining if we are a good fit for your child.

We believe that an Attic education should be within reach of all children, regardless of socio-economic status. We offer limited need-based tuition assistance.

Tuition assistance decisions are made independent of admissions decisions, thus your application for tuition assistance should be completed through FAST as early in the application process as possible and is independent of your admissions application. Please click here for more information.

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