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Active and Continual
Active and Continual Learning

At The Attic, we view learning as active and continual.  Catherine Twomey Fosnot, in her book Enquiring Teachers, Enquiring Learners: A Constructivist Approach for Teaching (Teachers College, Columbia University 1989), wrote:

"I've often thought that one of the problems with present educational institutions is that they encourage the idea that learning actually ends. Young learners are taught to believe that, when they finish a worksheet, they are done learning, and that idea is reinforced all through schooling.

Workbook finished? Good; done! Post test successfully completed? Good; on to the next unit.

Degree completed?  Great; done! Little integration exists with learning outside the classroom.

Instead of learning being viewed as a continuous process of inquiry and investigation, it is assessed as a "measurable" accumulation of discrete bits of knowledge."

"...little or no attention is paid to the learning process,...Rather than being powerless and
dependent on the institution, learners need to be empowered to think and learn for themselves. Thus, learning needs to be conceived of as something a learner does, not something that is done to a learner."

Fosnot, Catherine Twomey, Enquiring Teachers, Enquiring Learners: A Constructivist Approach for Teaching, Teacher's College, Columbia University, 1989.