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Tuition Assistance
Tuition Assistance 
The Attic values social-economic diversity in our K-12 Attic and Field & Forest Outdoor Preschool programs. We continually strive to provide a tuition assistance program to meet this goal. Tuition Assistance is awarded based upon availability of The Learning Community funds. The Attic Learning Community does not receive federal funding and relies on fundraising for Tuition Assistance. This year, The Attic Learning Community awarded approximately $175,000 in need-based assistance to approximately 23% of the Attic student population. 

How to Apply

The Attic Learning Community's tuition assistance program is administered following the guidelines of FAST, a third party, independent organization. FAST is part of Independent School Management (ISM), and is a national financial aid reviewing organization for independent schools.

Select the FAST link below to begin your application process. There is a $45 fee assessed by FAST at the time of application.  

When you have completed your online application, please be sure to notify John Anthony Bassett, Attic Executive Director, at


Tuition assistance decisions are made independent of enrollment decisions. Tuition assistance is awarded on an annual basis and must be re-applied for each year.

Deadlines for the 2019-20 Year

Current Families
  • Submit your on line FAST application on or before January 1, 2019
  • All supplemental documents are due by April 30, 2019

New Applicant Families

  • Submit your on line FAST application when you submit your child's application for admission. 
  • All supplemental documents are due by April 30, 2019 or on your Attic application date, if you apply after April 30, 2019. 

Award Notifications

Contingent Award: Applicants will typically receive their contingent tuition assistance award notification with their enrollment documentation.  Contingent tuition assistance offers not accepted within 5 business days will become null and void.

Final Award: Your final award is dependent on FAST receiving all required documents by the deadline date. Please note that a recalculation of the contingent award may be necessary if actuals differ from estimates originally submitted. If all required final supplemental documents are not received by the deadline date, your application is no longer valid and will not be considered for the upcoming year.


Contact FAST:

We look forward to getting to know your family and share The Attic experience with you.

Non-Discriminatory Statement

It is the policy of The Attic that all employees, volunteers and students have a right to work and study in an environment that asserts the personal worth and dignity of each individual.

In order to achieve this objective, The Attic will not tolerate any form of discrimination and/or harassment in its employment or education dealings.   Discrimination against, or harassment of, any employee, group of employees, student or group of students, on the basis of race, ancestry, place or origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed (religion), sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status, mental or physical disability defeats this objective and will not be tolerated by The Attic.

This policy shall apply where there exists a negative work or study environment or potential adverse impact on an individual's work or study performance, or on their work or study environment.

Complaints of discrimination and/or sexual harassment should be reported directly to the Executive Director and will be investigated promptly and thoroughly.

The Attic is committed to preventing behavior which results in discrimination and/or harassment, as defined in this policy.