Nurturing in children a sense of self, a passion for learning, community, and childhood.
Attic Parents

Parents Supporting The Attic

Over the course of the academic year each family is expected to give approximately 4-hours/week, or 120 hours.  Many families give much more than this.  Some families concentrate their hours around an event, like summer site work, and some give every week, all year (and help with summer jobs too!).  Parent jobs can be a great way to connect with the community and feel a part of the Attic.  The quality of our program correlates directly to the energy and time our parents give.  The sustainability of the Attic relies on the commitment of our families.

Parent jobs allow us to maintain our low student to teacher ratio, hire qualified and passionate teachers, keep administrative costs down, and keep tuition in the affordable range.  Parents, working with the Attic Board of Directors, take on many of the important tasks of running our organization: fundraising, public relations, community building, lunchtime supervision, classroom support  and site/facility management.  This allows the Directors and Teaching Team to keep their focus and energy on children and building the academic and classroom program.

Professional & Educational Workshop Series

To help support the greater community, interested educators, teachers, and parents, better understand the developmental educational model and related topics, The Attic sponsors professional level workshops and classes throughout the year.

These workshops and classes are a wonderful opportunity for Attic parents to learn about a variety of topics valued at The Attic including developmental curriculum, child-development, and developmental philosophy. 

For current workshops and classes, go to the 
Events and Announcements Page.

Attic Reading List

The Attic Recommended Reading List is a valuable resource available to Attic parents.  The books are listed by favorites, preschool level, primary level, middle & high school level, and general interest.  Most of the books, especially the favorites, helped to form the foundations of The Attic.  It is highly recommended that all Attic parents take the time to read selections from this listing.  Many of the books listed can be found in our Parent Education Library.