Nurturing in children a sense of self, a passion for learning, community, and childhood.
Parent Observation
Observation Tour

An Attic tour is recommended prior to submitting an application.  Tours are typically scheduled November through early May for the next Attic year.  A Tour is required prior to an enrollment offer. 

Schedule A Tour

The initial observation is for adults only.  

The Attic observation is a time for parents to quietly observe all ages and classes at The Attic, with times to ask questions of your host.  You usually will have time to wander on your own, so you can spend more time where you are most interested in doing so.  You are asked not interrupt the teachers or students during this time, but remain a quiet observer. 

Teens, 13 and older, can schedule an observation after their parent(s) initial observation is completed, if they are interested in doing so.  Teens do not need to have an application on file prior to their visit, as they are asked to complete a portion of the application.  Teen observations or visits are not a requirement.