Nurturing in children a sense of self, a passion for learning, community, and childhood.

What do Attic students do on Thursdays and Fridays?

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The Attic Learning Community is a secular, independent learning community serving homeschoolers in the Seattle area. Attic students study math, science, reading, writing, social studies, art, and world language three-days-per-week. A short school week gives children, teens, and families the gift of time - a rare commodity in our over-scheduled world. With the three-day-per-week schedule, children and teens have more time to pursue other interests and hobbies, participate in sports, take music lessons, play with friends and siblings, go on family outings, or just hang out! So much is gained when children have free, unstructured time.

Many Attic students choose to participate in our optional Thursday Program consisting of a mix of enriching extra-curricular explorations, academic support, and a fun opportunity to be with friends. 

Beginning at age 15, Attic high schoolers have the option to take classes at the Attic part-time at a reduced tuition. This allows students to explore other learning and/or internship opportunities. Many students take advantage of this, integrating classes at the Attic with classes at their local high school and community college (through the Running Start program). The Attic's three-day-per-week schedule and part-time option also allows teens to incorporate other activities in their lives, such as participating in high school sports, working part-time, pursuing hobbies and other interests, and doing internships in the community. 

Attic families are responsible to be in compliance with federal and state homeschooling laws. Washington Homeschool Organization (WHO) is a helpful resource for families considering homeschooling. Current Washington State homeschooling laws are outlined on the WHO website. 

For parents interested in learning more about the benefits to homeschooling, the following books are recommended: Family Matters, Why Homeschooling Makes Sense by David Guterson; DeSchooling our Lives by Matt Heren; and How Children Fail by John Holt. Other relevant book titles can be found on the Attic's Recommended Reading List.

Note: The Attic does not assert that its program meets the federal or state homeschooling laws. Parents bear full responsibility for knowledge of and compliance with federal and state homeschooling laws as pertains to their child.