Nurturing in children a sense of self, a passion for learning, community, and childhood.
Employment Opportunities

Field & Forest Outdoor Preschool

Part-time Teacher


Field & Forest Outdoor Programs offer a unique preschool, based on the German Forest Garden approach. Classes meet outdoors on our wooded site rain or shine, sleet or snow, and children are immersed in nature as a perfect setting to meet their developmental needs as they explore, create, and learn. Field & Forest teachers offer a balance of routine and structure, autonomy and community, while following the energy and interests of the children. We encourage a lot of imaginary play, building and creating with objects found in nature, and the expression of children's natural curiosity and creativity.   


Field & Forest has a Co-teacher opening for our Outdoor Preschool class that meets Thursday and Friday 8:45am to 11:45am, mid-September through the first part of June. In addition to these hours, our Teaching Team meets weekly for planning, and with the Attic Learning Community’s entire Teaching Team for professional development and teaming time monthly.


Serve as co-teacher for a group of fifteen 3-5 year old children on Thursday and Friday mornings with substitute opportunities throughout the week. Co-teaching responsibilities include overseeing the safety, and social, physical, and intellectual growth of children in the program.  Teachers ensure children are supervised at all times, provide developmentally appropriate experiences for children including imaginative play, songs, games, and storytelling,  gently implement the daily schedule, establish routines and provide positive guidance.

This is a teaming position that requires energetically collaborating and communicating on the development and implementation of learning experiences within a changing and child-led experience.


Our ideal candidate has experience working as a teacher creating and implementing meaningful learning experiences for young children in multi-age settings; experience working in outdoor learning environments; will have thoroughly explored our website at ; is energized by our approach and our mission; committed to his/her own growth and development as an educator; is specifically drawn to teaching young children in an entirely outdoor teaching/learning environment; and open to receiving mentoring, regardless of years of experience.  

B.A./B.S. preferred. Knowledge and experience with outdoor learning and constructivist education using a child-centered and developmental approach, strongly preferred.

Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience.  

How to apply: Research our program at . Research the German and Scandinavian Forest Kindergarten models. Email resume and cover letter to Elise Valsquier, Director of Field & Forest,

Serious and thoroughly researched inquiries only please.

About the Attic
Learning Community:

Founded in 1999, the Attic is a dynamic learning community located in Woodinville, Washington serving children ages 5-18, with small, multiage classes. Our teaching and learning practices are based on constructivism (Piaget's scientific theory that explains how human beings construct knowledge) and Socratic teaching methods. Our classes meet three days per week (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday), giving children and their families downtime and time to pursue outside interests. 

Our faculty is comprised of passionate educators who recognize the innate potential that lies within every child, and who challenge students to approach learning with an open, inquisitive, and critical mind and to go beyond the "facts" toward understanding the "why" and "how". Attic educators give children authentic choices and a voice in their education. Because we highly value the development of self-direction and intrinsic motivation, we do not use grades, rewards, or punishments. At every level, progress and growth are documented using detailed narrative assessments.

The Attic is truly a learning community. Teachers and students work together to create a learning environment with an emphasis on participation and discussion. Our students come to expect and demand rigor of themselves, their instructors, and their peers. Our teens stand out among their peers as highly capable, responsible learners who actively contribute to their own education, emerge as class and community leaders, and are sought after by colleges.

At the Attic we are deeply committed to the ongoing growth and development of our faculty and interns. We reflect often on our teaching practices and work collaboratively to understand and implement constructivist and Socratic teaching methods. We value our interns and strive to have a lasting relationship with each one. Our program is thriving, and successful interns have the opportunity to take on expanded teaching responsibilities with time.

Our ideal candidate will have thoroughly explored our website at, is energized by our approach and our mission, committed to his/her own growth and development as an educator, and is open to receiving mentoring regardless of years of experience. Although an advantage, certification is not necessarily a requirement to work as an intern or teacher at the Attic. 


The Attic Learning Community Non-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of The Attic that all employees, volunteers and students have a right to work and study in an environment that asserts the personal worth and dignity of each individual.

In order to achieve this objective, The Attic will not tolerate any form of discrimination and/or harassment in its employment or education dealings.   Discrimination against, or harassment of, any employee, group of employees, student or group of students, on the basis of race, ancestry, place or origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed (religion), sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status, mental or physical disability defeats this objective and will not be tolerated by The Attic.

This policy shall apply where there exists a negative work or study environment or potential adverse impact on an individual's work or study performance, or on their work or study environment.

Complaints of discrimination and/or sexual harassment should be reported directly to the Executive Director and will be investigated promptly and thoroughly.

The Attic is committed to preventing behavior which results in discrimination and/or harassment, as defined in this policy.

Please feel free to submit applications to: or
The Attic Learning Community
PO Box 1668
Woodinville, WA  98072