Nurturing in children a sense of self, a passion for learning, community, and childhood.

The Attic play, usually occurring in the spring, is a child-centered, child-led event.  First, consensus is reached by The Attic children on whether or not to do a play each year.  Then, the children work on picking which play they want to do (often a very long process!).  They decide whether or not to write their own script.  Pirates of Penzance 2005They decide who they want to direct the play.  Some years the students have decided to hire a professional director (and figured out how to earn the money to pay the director), and other years have elected to have student directors.  Students decide the parts and how to determine them.  A few afternoons each week during the months preceding the performances are devoted to play practice, often during art time.  (Children who have smaller parts continue doing science investigations or art when they are not needed in rehearsal.)

Children participate in many ways including as actors, directors, making props, as stage hands, lighting crew, sound crew, and on costumes.

The play is an incredible community-builder.  It is a true delight to see children ages five through eighteen working together to bring a play to fruition.  Children are put in the spotlight who may not normally be.  Pep-talks and words of encouragement are given by their peers.  Children are given an authentic way to speak in public to an incredibly supportive audience of family and friends.  All work together as a community for one common end.  The growth that is seen in individual children in terms of their self-confidence, teamwork, and sense of self is phenomenal. 

Past Attic Plays:

 2000  Joan of Arc 2001 The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
 2002  Beetle Bedlam 2003 The Mikado
 2004  Oliver 2005 The Sound of Music
 2006  Pirates of Penzance 2007 The Wizard of Oz
 2008  Charlie & The Chocolate Factory 2009 Alice in Wonderland
 2010  The Princess Bride
2011 Peter Pan
 2012  Robin Hood 2013 Magical Land of Oz