Nurturing in children a sense of self, a passion for learning, community, and childhood.
Core Values

The Attic is built upon a developmental philosophy of learning, which recognizes that each child develops at his or her own rate.  We do not expect all children to read, for example, at the same age, nor to understand certain mathematical concepts at the same age, nor to be able to understand abstract ideas at the same age. All of the curriculum and other community activities at The Attic begin with the goal of supporting children as individuals, not as children who because they are a certain age, are required to learn and master certain things.
At the same time, we understand the importance of children being with their peers in age for social and emotional reasons.  Because of this, our academic groups typically overlap in ages, to allow for the support both of developmental appropriateness of curriculum as well as social/emotional needs. 

The Attic Learning Community nurtures four core values in children: sense of self, passion for learning, community, and childhood. These can be nurtured by supporting the characteristics listed below each, as follows: 

 A sense of self
respect for children
intrinsic motivation
knowing myself as a learner
freedom from rewards/punishments
freedom from competition
knowledge of self

 A passion for learning
authentic, meaningful contexts
intrinsic motivation
constructivist/developmental approach
freedom from rewards/punishments
freedom from competition
time for independent study
process over content
solid core education
life-long learning

respect & safety
acceptance of self
acceptance of others
problem solving
mentors peers/adults
social and moral autonomy

time to know self
family time
safe community
freedom to play
acceptance of self

Many of our core values are reflected in the books on our recommended reading lists.