Nurturing in children a sense of self, a passion for learning, community, and childhood.

Multi-Age Community

Unlike most traditional learning settings, The Attic is a multi-age community, serving children ages 5-18.  The multi-age structure allows for children to be in academic groups based on their development, rather than their age or traditional "grade level".  Some children will move from one group to another during the day depending on the subject being studied.  There are five main academic 'groups' at The Attic. The primary students are ~5-7 years old.  The intermediate group is made up of  ~8-10 year olds.  The middle schoolers are ~11-12 years old.  High School One are ~13-15 years old, High School Two are ~16-18 years old.  Most High School students, One and Two, participate in The Attic's Walkabout program.  Please keep in mind that the ages are approximate and careful consideration of social and developmental needs are used when placing each child into a group. Together at The Attic, children study reading, writing, math, science, and art.  Community is supported and nurtured through regular class meetings and group problem-solving.

Community Gatherings & Events

The entire Attic community (children, their parents, and teachers) gather several times a year for student presentations of their art, science, drama, math, writing, poetry, or other creative endeavors.  Read more about Attic student events.

Community of Homeschoolers

We choose homeschooling as a philosophy because we believe that, ultimately, we are responsible, as parents, for the education of our children.  The Attic provides a strong developmental program for children, while allowing them to have time to explore their individual interests and simply to have "down" time to be children.  Our decision to meet three days a week also stems from our belief that children deserve and need ample time with their family.  Family cohesiveness is one of the most valuable benefits of alternative education.

Attic Community Traditions

The Attic is a dynamic, ever-changing environment.  There are, however, some events that typically happen every year, the "Attic Traditions".  Read more about our yearly traditions.