Nurturing in children a sense of self, a passion for learning, community, and childhood.
Attic Events
Attic Student Events

The Attic provides many opportunities for the children to share their knowledge with the greater Attic community.  These are usually interactive events, where the audience asks questions and gives feedback to the child.  They serve not only as times to display knowledge, but also as a community builders where parents, grandparents, family friends, siblings, and teachers come together to support each child.

These events follow the Attic's key values of passion for learning, sense of self, community, and childhood.  The self-confidence exhibited by the students at all ages is often what draws visitors to apply to the Attic for their own children.  A prime example of this, and an Attic tradition for 18 years now, is Interest Project Night.  This is a fun time to see the spectrum of developmental levels at the Attic, as a five year old will set up her board on My Dog, with emergent spelling and hand-drawn pictures, next to a 17 year old's video presentation on Acute Myeloid Leukemia, along with a research paper.  Another Attic annual student event is Math Night, where the same 5 year old might wordlessly show her favorite set from math, then gradually find her voice as she answers gentle questions from the audience, to an eight year old showing different strategies for adding and subtracting visually, to an eleven year old showing how to loop a growing pattern in different ways in order to find equivalent formulas for the nth arrangement, finally to the 17 year old, showing how to use trig to find the area of any n-gon.

Past opportunities for children to present their work have also included: a 'Publisher's Potluck', a 'Writer's Tea', a Science Day, and Portolio Event. The culture of the Attic supports self-confidence, deep knowledge, a support for others, and being oneself without judgment.