Nurturing in children a sense of self, a passion for learning, community, and childhood.
Our Community Work
Community Outreach

Community service and outreach are incorporated naturally into the Attic community.  There is a tradition, starting from the first year the Attic was founded, of singing at a local senior residential home a few times a year, along with bringing the residents valentines and going trick or treating.  Other community service projects come from the kids.  Some of our previous projects include planning, preparing and serving meals for the homeless at Tent City; raising money for Heifer International and the Humane Society; food drives for HopeLink, and our day of service on Martin Luther King Day.

Tradition of Service

In 2014, the Attic held a day of service on Martin Luther King Day to raise awareness about social, political, and environmental justice which we hope will become a new tradition. 

Leading up to MLK Day 2014, Attic students of all ages participated in classroom discussions about civil rights, activism, and volunteerism. A volunteer fair highlighted the work already being done by members of our community and gave Attic students a sense of their own power to make positive change in the world.  Canned goods and other items were collected throughout January and donated to Mary's Place (a homeless resource center for women and teens), Hopelink Food Banks, and Friends of Youth (shelter and support services for homeless youth). 

On MLK Day itself, Attic students went out into the community for our first ever school-wide day of service and activism. Our oldest students attended the MLK rally, marching from Garfield high school to downtown Seattle. It was a great opportunity for Attic students to see democracy at work and to feel "the power of the people" working for positive change. Hopefully, whatever issues and causes they may come to support as they move into adulthood, they will remember this day as a glimpse of an American tradition: non-violent, peaceful, organized people-power at work. Our 10-15 year olds headed to South Seattle to work on an Earthcorps restoration project, assisting in the restoration of the Cheasty Greenspace on Beacon Hill. The youngest students went to Creekside Senior Living Community in Woodinville to visit and play games with the elderly. We anticipate this day of service becoming a mainstay at the Attic!